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This is your chance to grow your own wasabi at home. The wasabi plant you receive is a large plant, more than 6 months old. The large heart-shaped leaves will immediately be a nice addition to your garden or balcony. They are well rooted to survive the summer heat. With proper care you will grow your own wasabi rhizome within 2 years. The other parts of the plant are also edible. For more information visit our growing guide below.

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Growing Guide

You will receive the wasabi plant in a 19 or 21cm pot. If you water the plant often, this may be sufficient. However, we recommend transferring the plant to a 9-liter pot or larger or planting in open ground. Provide plenty of shade from April to August. During this time, the plant cannot tolerate direct sunlight. The plant will become 60cm high and 60cm wide.

The wasabi plant needs little attention in a sheltered spot in the open ground. In a pot you could help the plant by putting it in the shade in the summer and water is regularly especially on warm days. In autumn and in winter you can put it in the sun to warm up and make most use of the the light available. You can hardly give it to much water.

In winter, the plant will lose most of its leaves. Protect the plant from frost below -5ºC. You can either bring the plant indoor or wrap the plant.

In spring and summer, you can suffer from aphids, caterpillars or snails. It is best to remove them by hand. The plant can tolerate a little damage. In  autumn some mildew (gray fluff) can form on the leaves. Because the plant drops most of these leaves in winter, this is no problem.

When the plant is 18 months old you will be able to see the first signs of a rhizome. Usually the plant makes different rhizomes. You can of course harvest them immediately or wait a while and let the rhizome grow a larger. In the meantime, you can try to use the flowers and especially the flower stems, the leafs and the leaf stems in dishes.