Since 1987, Biobest is an expert in pollination and biological control pest and diseases in agriculture. Biobest helps growers in almost 70 countries from it's headquarters in Belgium and its subsidiaries.

From the start of our new greenhouse location, Biobest offered us there products and expertise. For the both of us it's a new crop. Together we research how to control pest and diseases in wasabi biologically. This knowledge enables us to build a sustainable growing method.


With decades of experience Rungis supplies Dutch and international chefs with fresh and innovative fruit and vegetables. They supply daily with a huge range of about 4000 products. Rungis is recognized for it's high quality and innovative products and their expertise.

When Dutch Wasabi was still in the R&D fase, Rungis was the first to work with Dutch Wasabi. They helped to distribute our first wasabi flowers and our first wasabi rhizomes. They also helped us to understand the market and our customers needs combined with the right price. They currently distribute our complete range of products.


Innovation fund Hagelunie is an independent fund that supports the food and agri sector with R&D.

After the first 2 year of R&D we were ready to test our methodes on a larger scale. Hagelunie supports us in researching growing methods and to develop the Dutch fresh-wasabi market. This enabled us to get enough funding to get started.


Rabobank was founded around 120 years ago as an agricultural cooperative in the Netherlands and remains a cooperative to this day. Rabobank holds a unique position in the Food & Agri sector thanks to it's activities spanning the value chains from financing local farmers in key regions to working closely with the best known food brands globally.

Rabobank Innovation Fund reinvests part of Rabbank's profit back in society by supporting startups. In 2018 Rabobank Innovation Fund from Rabobank Westland granted funding to Dutch Wasabi to develop the first wasabi farm in The Netherlands.