Sander van Kampen

Founded in 2016 he started Dutch Wasabi® with a small experiment. With a background in IT moving into agriculture was a big step. Supported by other Dutch farmers he succeeded and harvested his first Dutch grown wasabi in 2018. With the support of partners, he quit his job as IT consultant in 2019 to pursue his dream.

Being first

Dutch Wasabi® is Holland’s first wasabi grower. Being first comes with its challenges and required a lot of perseverance. Many setbacks had to be overcome before the first wasabi could be harvested and still growing wasabi remains a challenge. Luckily the first batch of wasabi got its approval from several critical chefs. This gave us the confidence to move forward and expand to be able to supply customers year-round.

Dutch glory

Dutch Wasabi® is located in the heart of the Dutch high-tech agriculture sector “Westland”. We are building on a history of hundreds of years of Dutch agriculture experience. Together with our partners we develop durable growing methods to produce high quality wasabi.

Always near you

Dutch Wasabi® has a large network to deliver customers daily worldwide. Contact us for the possibilities and availability.